Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is a long pending post

Wrong People
WHAT was I thinking?
Strikes now.
Two years?
“I will Survive – Cake”
Mp3 Players are a loner’s best friend
Fake smiles
and pledges
Internal scorns
Fake plastic Moments

Lots of it
People again
Shut them out.
I wish!
Ditto. Sand
Deeper Green
Induced or not.
Far away
I am sure.
Yorke helps
Shutters come down
Fake plastic….

Window Views
Night shawl
Star spangled shit* (Night)
Sunk in?
Not yet.
Bounce into reality

I will be back

* - Nods.. directed at Polson and Jinks, Fellow band members.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Like That Only!

So, New graffiti is here. This one was for Brian.Retrad!I had a really 'Arty-Cool' plan for this one but unfortunately OTH finished downloading at that precise moment. Sometimes basketball playing, highschool teenaged, guitar strumming fathers are more appealing than Facebook Graffiti or Polson. It's life.
(Eh, I will do something better than that for you)

So, Look, comment (or don't comment) and buzz of!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am on warm milk and laxatives...

Latesht Graffiti from world famous Rajkumar cut out painter - Naik.
I like Nirvana, This one is for Jinks because she dreams of Kurt being bad in bed.

I hate the fact that my right hand refuses to be steady when i do this Graffiti thingie. A pain it is I tell you!, I feel like i have taken my first steps to becoming "The shrivelled old lady with the cats living in Whitefield whe yells at street urchins". Quivering hands! Bah!

Somethings are just not meant to be.. I would'nt know.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Untitled # 1

I guess it’s a little more than evident, from the three posts below that I am very capable of award winning, critically acclaimed writing. “Why, Thank you! This award goes out to ALL my fans… my mother; love you mum, my mentor Medha Goyal…. The Nepali watchman on Airport Road… The waiters in Pecos…” Point put across I guess. Anyways, point of post is that in the recent past due to severe lack of Chavara and some disturbing commonality in a trivial aspect of Jinks’s and my life I got addicted to Facebook Graffiti. So, during a real good session of Rage Against The Machine I drew this on Graffiti with a very unsteady hand. I don’t know if I like it. For the few people who land up on this blog and think my writing is illegible it reads – Peace is a bitch, then you die. Yes, I lack creativity. I also like to call it Untitled # 1 because it’s cool to have you work named ‘Untitled # 34,678,4300,7’ and the likes. So, any name suggestions and thoughts are welcome.