Saturday, December 27, 2008

Of course Naik can write profound poetry..

(Strums guitar… puts on Ginsberg voice)

I got Choped
Its not what I had hoped
So I sit here
With no beer

It was supposed to be
The maid, the dog and me
I had it planned
Everything is banned

Chicken Pox came
It is the one to Blame
By now I would be alone
And the dog would have his bone

Five more months it is
Then I’ll have much needed bliss
Jinks will give kai I know,
for writing Limited Edition scripts for Saville Row.

In five months I need an apartment
I don’t think I can afford the rent

Now Polson will stop blackmail I hope
This one’s for you bitch
Once more you decide to make me literary.. I’ll throw you in a Malleshwaram ditch

p.s. Jinks is Nehal ‘Gujju’ Shah.. No, I don’t use code words… I think it is stupid. As if the darned nincompoop is not aware of you talking about her/him. It’s a Blog. Not a FBI top-secret file. For better rant on Codewords/names refer to Jinks’s Blog.

Now Fuck off already..

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bohemian Dreams - part one.

Have you ever dreamt of that perfect place? With the pristine sands and no sense of pretence attached to it. I did, and finally found it in Gokarna. I fell in love with that darn place through photographs and memory strings of others. (Eh, This could actually become a bollywood story) Anyways, I am going finally! with some other people. People who i feel will never understand Gokarna. But this is'nt about people, its about a love story - Mine and my obsession with a place. I feel good to just have people linger on the borderlines and forget rudimentary life for three days and immerse myself in hash and sand.

I haven't packed. We still dont have a place to rest our drunken selves. Sometimes i wish i was going alone. Sometimes i wish i could meet Bob Dylan outside college. Sometimes i wish i never had to wish.

This trip better kick ass.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Pretty inappropiate for a first post i guess. but what can i say? I still fail to comprehend why are my fingers are running over keys on my keyboard. I could by no means maintain the old blog - (documenteddoodles). Yes! i have murdered it. ( Su, stop giving disapproving looks). What on earth am i doing at 12:33 AM creating a new one? I am going to murder it anyways like its predecessors. So lets just see how long will this one survive.

oh, and Thom Yorke is God!