Saturday, December 27, 2008

Of course Naik can write profound poetry..

(Strums guitar… puts on Ginsberg voice)

I got Choped
Its not what I had hoped
So I sit here
With no beer

It was supposed to be
The maid, the dog and me
I had it planned
Everything is banned

Chicken Pox came
It is the one to Blame
By now I would be alone
And the dog would have his bone

Five more months it is
Then I’ll have much needed bliss
Jinks will give kai I know,
for writing Limited Edition scripts for Saville Row.

In five months I need an apartment
I don’t think I can afford the rent

Now Polson will stop blackmail I hope
This one’s for you bitch
Once more you decide to make me literary.. I’ll throw you in a Malleshwaram ditch

p.s. Jinks is Nehal ‘Gujju’ Shah.. No, I don’t use code words… I think it is stupid. As if the darned nincompoop is not aware of you talking about her/him. It’s a Blog. Not a FBI top-secret file. For better rant on Codewords/names refer to Jinks’s Blog.

Now Fuck off already..


Brian 'Curmudgeon' Polson said...

Bahahaha! Mmmmwwaaah! You actually wrote! More I say! Channel those emotions!

blah! said...

Oh Fuck you! i wrote to stop you blackmailing! eedyut!

Muddled Mind said...

lol...profound indeed!! :D
I feel the anger, bloodgirl! *does Jihaad sign*
And Polson, congrats on the success of blackmail! ha ha ha ha ha! so worth it!

blah! said...

See, I like it like this.. only three peoples read this! One of you'll [My two Happy People :)]tell me how to make this blog private types.. like Phrasebook blog!

Nehal said...

Bah, sometimes I feel like Miditech is our only bonding thing :(

P.S - My word verification is "jajitel" heheheheh

Sudeeptha said...

way ta go Brian!
Oh and you too naik... :P
I actually like the poem... Jihad only!

Write more! :D