Sunday, March 15, 2009

I don’t know the purpose of this post. I absolutely hate filling in those slam books. I never saw the point of them after I left school. It’s just a way or us to keep our egos fed I think. What can you possibly write for people who you don’t know much about?
For a second I thought I should do something on the blog for people who in someway affected me in the past three years. I don’t have the mood or inclination to do so anymore nor am I capable of expression.
Brian, Nehal, Parnika, Richaa, Abilash, Sudeepta, Sharanya, Huzefa , Natasha,Rachita, Madhurima,Yashas – Thank You.
Expect an email on a day when I am either really sloshed or really sentimental…. Or maybe not.

As I mentioned, there is no point of this post.


Parnika said...

*fake cheer* I've been mentioned in SELLOUT's blog!! Oh! this is so touching!

So the importance o writing in a slam book is...*draws a blank*

Thank you for spelling my name right


Bleh said...

Eh bitch, give us our toasts I say!

Sudeeptha said...

atleast the toast came :P
learn to spell my name rite woman!